Collectible card game “Insilentium” based on the same named Story invite you to plunge and become a hero.

Demonstrate your unique deck and fight with best players. Five different races being available for you get an opportunity to create best deck and build your tactic on the battlefields of Insilentium

Every creature of universe “Insilentium” has a history, nature, reasons and destiny for which he appeared in that Story.

Concept art

12 October 2020 by dalila

From concept to creation! Check out the various stages of artistic development that one of our cards has undergone (name still WIP!) Comparing the original sketch to the final image is a real eye-opener!


12 October 2020 by dalila

Let’s take a look at our battlefield! Unlike most other CCGs Insilentium uses a 3×3 playing area. The back rows are where the players forges (summons) their creatures and both sides will need to fight it out to control the middle row. Whoever controls the middle row will have the advantage!

Part VIII – One way ticket

14 August 2020 by Konstantin

“We will not be in time, in any case we will not be in time,” kept wailing Katrin. ”Only three minutes left before he is to step into nowhere but we are only approaching the institute. What is going to be further?” Ayuna gave no sign in response. In her fighting uniform on she had

Part VII – Power of corruption

10 August 2020 by Konstantin

 The commander of a little battle cruiser of “C” class, commander of the Star Fleet John Phillips took a deep breath, watching the parent planet of the mankind from the captain’s deckhouse and told his mate, “Look, Sam, here it is the cradle of our civilization. Here the mankind was born. I can wait for

Part VI – The first in Gaul

10 August 2020 by Konstantin

“Just imagine, Kups, everything is to happen today,” a fat man was staggering with agitation in red arm-chairs of his limousine-flyer. The high quality seat’s leather was creaking from being touched by his flabby body wrapped in expensive suit with nacred luster and thus enhancing the atmosphere of utter agitation in the elite flyer tearing 

Part V – In silent slough

09 August 2020 by Konstantin

The mankind got through tens of key transitional stages during thousands years of its development. The first scientific discoveries in the field of a quantum movement along the Universe strings which allowed to research infinite quantity of new planets and changed deeply political and cultural structure of the society. New technologies and intergalaxy races after

Wish Flower

08 May 2020 by ilayya johanson

Battle Toads Nest

08 May 2020 by ilayya johanson

The Power Of Magic Forest

08 May 2020 by ilayya johanson

Summon Brave Army

08 May 2020 by ilayya johanson

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