Insilentium Update 10/06 Patchnotes

10 June 2021

Major Changes

  • Direct Damage animations have been slightly adjusted, we have a white orb to indicate when skills are removed from a target
  • The registration process has been overhauled and simplified, you can now register with both email or a google account.
  • Players can now earn a deck based on one of the races by completing a special mission.


Balance Changes

Various cards have been rebalanced to improve the quality of gameplay

  • Forest Bear
  • Austarche, the Undead King
  • Summon Brave Army
  • Ancient Memorial
  • Zombie Discharge

We know that you’ll be interested in what the changes exactly are and why we made them, so don’t worry, we will talk about the changes in more depth at a later date.


Tutorial Changes

Based on feedback from our players, we’ve made slight changes to the tutorial to improve the information that players receive, with the aim to better explain:

  • How movement works and when attacks against the player take place
  • What structures and spells are
  • The functionality of the ‘Battle’ button
  • The number of cards that can be used per turn
  • How the level system works in Insilentium.


New Cards

This is something that we’re sure that you will enjoy, several new cards have been added to the game. Like the balance changes, we’ll go into more depth regarding what cards soon, so be sure to check back with us.


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