Part VIII – One way ticket

14 August 2020 by Konstantin

“We will not be in time, in any case we will not be in time,” kept wailing Katrin. ”Only three minutes left before he is to step into nowhere but we are only approaching the institute. What is going to be further?” Ayuna gave no sign in response. In her fighting uniform on she had

Part VII – Power of corruption

10 August 2020 by Konstantin

 The commander of a little battle cruiser of “C” class, commander of the Star Fleet John Phillips took a deep breath, watching the parent planet of the mankind from the captain’s deckhouse and told his mate, “Look, Sam, here it is the cradle of our civilization. Here the mankind was born. I can wait for

Part VI – The first in Gaul

10 August 2020 by Konstantin

“Just imagine, Kups, everything is to happen today,” a fat man was staggering with agitation in red arm-chairs of his limousine-flyer. The high quality seat’s leather was creaking from being touched by his flabby body wrapped in expensive suit with nacred luster and thus enhancing the atmosphere of utter agitation in the elite flyer tearing 

Part V – In silent slough

09 August 2020 by Konstantin

The mankind got through tens of key transitional stages during thousands years of its development. The first scientific discoveries in the field of a quantum movement along the Universe strings which allowed to research infinite quantity of new planets and changed deeply political and cultural structure of the society. New technologies and intergalaxy races after

Part IV – Decision is made

11 March 2020 by Konstantin

One year has passed off since the world government under the 18th amendment to the general Constitution “On equal access to knowledge” opened officially “Gates”. Daily hundreds of people decide to change their fortune and step into the mystery. Let’s greet our present adventurers. Adams Rodgers –” “Just to think, tomorrow everybody will know about

Part III – Impulse

11 March 2020 by Konstantin

“Let’s start at once without preludes. I, being juicy and pretty, since the first days of our communications set up the minimal level of comfort for my needs. You are prospective man, senior scientific collaborator of some institute, which is hard to be pronounced, and I liked you at the first sight and I barely

Part II – Strategy of deads

11 March 2020 by Konstantin

“Listen, don’t eat me, Ok! Don’t do, Ok! I will not stand any longer. Don’t touch me!” Faceless Austarche and thoughtful Po-Pso viewed the  loaf that stuck in the dark corner and was crying hysterically.  “It looks like working,” concluded Austarche emotionlessly. “But “it” does not look emotionally stable, god damned!” Po-Pso voiced his fears

Part I – The King is dead! Long live the King!

11 March 2020 by Konstantin

The King Austarche III remembered his death distinctly. He was betrayed because of being a wise and kind but too trustful monarch. His habit of believing the words of the courtiers until they demonstrated the opposite by their actions was cut off by their betrayal. Staying close to the King, the courtiers watched the poison

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