19 November 2020 by dalila

Planning a turn can be time-intensive, but don’t spend too long as you need to complete your actions before the 60-second timer runs out! Make sure to pay attention to the clock!  

Forging card

16 November 2020 by dalila

When you forge a card you will notice that most of the time it will not attack right away. When a card is affected by this forging preparation, you will see the 💤 animation play on top of the card!    

Fireball animation

28 October 2020 by dalila

We made our fireball card a tad cooler! If you activate the card you can use your finger to choose where the fireball will hit!  

Art unlock feature

20 October 2020 by dalila

A perk of creating a digital game is having the option to play cards in their full descriptive form or in a pure art form! You can do this in our game!   

Hand swap

14 October 2020 by dalila

Did you know that in Insilentium, every time you end your turn, you shuffle your hand back into your deck and draw new cards?  

Art – Undead

13 October 2020 by dalila

Let’s look at the concept for the undead – one of the races found in our game! Do you think you could survive an encounter with this creature, or will you become its dinner?

Insilentium CCG

13 October 2020 by dalila

Insilentium is a CCG that brings unique features to this genre. Players are introduced to a 3×3 battlefield where they both fight for control of the middle ground before being able to reach their opponent!

Deck builder

12 October 2020 by dalila

Like all CCGs, the deck builder is one of the most important parts of the game, after all, this is where you will prepare your decks for battle! Check out what the deck builder looks like now, and do let us know what you think of it!  

Concept art

12 October 2020 by dalila

From concept to creation! Check out the various stages of artistic development that one of our cards has undergone (name still WIP!) Comparing the original sketch to the final image is a real eye-opener!


12 October 2020 by dalila

Let’s take a look at our battlefield! Unlike most other CCGs Insilentium uses a 3×3 playing area. The back rows are where the players forges (summons) their creatures and both sides will need to fight it out to control the middle row. Whoever controls the middle row will have the advantage!

About us

Created in 2019, Monolithmind is a gamedev studio, based in Kyiv, Ukraine..

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